Call My Name

Every time you called out my name,

Never did I feel like it was lame.

But now when my name is uttered by you,

I have no other choice but to misconstrue.

What must have happened is the question I always ask,

Eagerly trying my best for this charade to unmask.

Head over heels, were you for me was what I thought,

Your behavior now has only caused me distraught.

Maybe I did you something never should I have done,

‘Cause the way you are treating me is no real fun.

Every morning and evening greetings were filled with so much love,

But now I think I should send an olive branch along with a dove.

Let us sit and discuss, what wrong did happen where,

Like in the past, I would like you to share.

Definitely, can’t read your mind to know what really changed,

So let me have a chance for our trust boxes to be rearranged.

I would want to be called by you with the same feeling you had once,

Right now, it doesn’t differ much from a death sentence.

Your company and your friendship is what I most yearn,

Will be waiting hopefully for you to just return.


Image source : Unknown.

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