A Good Night

Is this the time to tease me?

Or is it that you really want to please me?

It’s so hard to guess what you think,

When all my mind is lost when you blink.

So come on, stop pulling my hair like this,

And just let me sleep with a good night kiss.

Ohhh, so you won’t listen to me, you naughty girl,

Well, I’m gonna make you bloody swirl.

Haha, see, now you are sweating and heavily breathing,

Well, let’s stop and embrace each other in a fresh wreathing.

Now, this is what I call the perfect cuddle,

Thank you, dear, for this warm and nightly huddle.

Sleep well girl, for we both are tired now,

And let me catch you in the dream world but don’t ask me how.

I promise, my love, to see you there soon,

But for that, close your eyes, sleep and wait for me even if it becomes noon.

Image source : in.pinterest.com

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