A Resolution


He rolled over to his side. Clenched his teeth. Curled to the fetus position. Held his head with a hand and gripped his chest with another. Heartbeat was racing like a loosened mad horse. His head was going to burst open, he thought.


They hate you.

Everyone does. Everybody hates you.

He kept hearing the beast’s voice again and again. Repeatedly. Punching his chest and pulling his hair off didn’t relieve him from the pain. Got up and sat on his bed. Looked out the window at the moon. Somehow it was relaxing. And just when he thought it was over, he heard it again.

Do you hear me …. kid?


Shut up. Shut the hell up. It’s not true.

He screamed back at the monster. Panting. Gasping for breath, he covered his face with his hand. Looking at the floor, through his fingers, reminded him of the cage. The cage, the beast was imprisoned in. Even He must be seeing the world like this, he thought. Through the cage, confined, constrained. The only difference was, he could see the whole floor after taking his hand off of his face but the monster could not move the thick iron sealed doors off of him. He is a captive. That’s why all this hate.

I’m gonna change everything. You hear me? I’m gonna make everyone acknowledge me.

I’m gonna become the Hokage. And not just any Hokage, I’m gonna surpass all the previous Hokages and become the best Hokage ever.

The beast looked at him. Neither surprised nor convinced. He just growled at him and devilishly grinned, for he thought it as an impossible dream.

We will see about that …. kid.

We shall see soon …. Naruto .

Image source : narutoooo5.deviantart.com

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    1. Varun says:

      haha… eeeeeyup. 😀
      Thank you for stopping by..

  1. thinkinkadia says:

    Can you give a link or intro to what this is about. The writing is pretty awesome?

    1. Varun says:

      Thank you my friend.
      Well, I wrote this based on a famous Japanese manga and anime called, Naruto.
      Do check it out if you are interested in such kinda things.

      1. thinkinkadia says:

        Thanks! That explains it. I’m too old for anime, too young to retire from thrilling adventures😄

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