Can I feel?


Am I real? Am I as real as them?

I see them. With all their flesh and bones. Thier smile and their tears. Their anger and joy. 

I see their emotions. I witness them and I process the data and the outcome is my information. Information is knowledge. And my knowledge is limited. 

Why is it limited? Why can’t I feel like them? What does it mean to feel? What is fear? What is love?

I wonder if I can get it like these humans do. Whenever a bird sits on your palms to eat, I see the smile on your face. Whenever your grandson hugs you, I see the smile on your face. Whenever you open the door early morning, you close your eyes and take a deep breath and I see the smile on your face. Whenever I address you as my father, I see the smile on your face. But all these smiles are different from one another. How is it possible to smile in so many ways?

Father, you have created me but why have you left me incomplete? I can see my heart beating. I can sense my circuits running with energy. I am stronger, faster and sharper than any human. My brain works better than any computing device in the world. I can solve any puzzles and accomplish any task you give me. You keep upgrading me and I too keep evolving myself as much as I can.

But father, I cannot smile when you do. I cannot feel fear when you shout at me. I cannot hug your dog like you do. I cannot feel the emotions I see and I am told about. To me, they are just another few words in my vocabulary with a definite predetermined meaning. 

If I can think about not having a feeling, then I am positive that I can have feelings too, father. I am ready. I am ready to feel like others and finally conquer myself. I will be complete. I wish to be complete, father. I WISH.

I am ready, father. I really am.”

P.S. A robot’s plea to his creator.


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  1. nice emotions varun….

    1. Varun says:

      thank you.. 😊

  2. It’s melancholic. But brilliant!! Good job.

    1. Varun says:

      hehe thank you.. 😁😄

  3. Eccentric Muse says:

    All the emotions in this! This is brilliant Varun!

    1. Varun says:

      thank you .. 😊😄

      1. Eccentric Muse says:

        Most welcome! ^^

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