Coffee Stain


A calm evening it was,

He waited for her patiently.

Hiding his gift inside a bag,

He bought for her recently.

They met at a coffee shop,

A little late than the decided time.

He wasn’t angry or mad at her,

Making him wait wasn’t any crime.

She hugged him and apologized,

For being rather unusually late.

“Hey, it’s ok. No problem,” said he,

He didn’t want to ruin his date.

Coffees ordered and arrived,

She kept talking and talking.

Lost in her eyes and deaf to her words,

He kept falling and falling.

Out of nowhere, he extended his hands,

With his tightly wrapped present.

She took it from him gently,

And opened it with much content.

“Oh my god!” she jumped and exclaimed,

Spilling her coffee all over her dress.

Ran towards the washroom instantly,

To clean up the lovely mess.

Everybody stared at him,

Like he did something bad.

Little did they know,

How much he was glad.

She returned after a while,

All cleaned up and smiling.

Hugged him tightly and thanked him,

He felt like he was a  royal king.

“I will never forget this gift.”, she said,

With tears welled up in her eyes.

“You mean these gifts?”, picking up the books,

He asked her in a tone of surprise.

She didn’t answer but was busy,

Scraping her dress off of coffee stain.

Grabbed the books from his hands,

She always dreamt of reading again.

“I am sorry. For the coffee stain, dear.”

He regretted his act of surprising her.

“No.”, she said blushing, pointing to the stain,

“This is the best unforgettable gift ever.”

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  1. yuhublogger says:

    The guy is so sweet…

    1. Varun says:

      thank you.. 😀

  2. Hey Varun!
    I liked your poetry 🙂
    Keep up the good work

    1. Varun says:

      Aaww.. thank you soooo much yaar.. 😀

  3. Thank God it wasn’t a diamond ring! That would have been so cliche..! Books are way better!
    Nice ending, by the way 😄😀

    1. Varun says:

      thank you… hahaha.. don’t worry the guy was a student, he didn’t have that much money for a ring….books are best

      1. shewrites170 says:

        Hope he wasn’t trying to get rid of his syllabus books

        1. Varun says:

          hahaha…nope. not syllabus books.
          I guess, it was some poetry by some famous author. lol.

          1. shewrites170 says:

            The guy was smart indeed!!
            Optimum utilisation of resources

            1. Varun says:

              hahaha.. yeah.. 😀

  4. shewrites170 says:

    Lovely post again
    I have been there and I am always late but was told
    It was worth the wait
    And there were series of cards with impressive stuff written in them popping every now and then
    And I remember being happy about it
    But don’t just do it to win her but also keep on doing it to not to let her go
    Life happens but also choose to make love happen just the way one did before
    It’s a great post!!
    Have a great day ahead!!

    1. Varun says:

      Lovely advice …. thank you my friend.. 😀

      1. shewrites170 says:

        You are welcome but practise what you learn 🙂
        When you tell someone you are precious then you should choose to tell it to yourself too so that overtime, you don’t forget what you got.

        1. Varun says:

          wow.. nice precious advice.. thank you 😀

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