Django – The Bounty Hunter

Riding off the sunset, together with his love,

On his horse, brown and white, she was his dove.

His job accomplished, not as easy as it seemed,

But this moment was always what he dreamed.


A slave he was for a while ago, so did his wife,

But not anymore, both were free for life.

All thanks to his savior, a friend he was indeed,

A teacher and a partner too, the best he was, all agreed.


Dr. King Schultz, a German dentist he was,

Turned bounty hunter for a just cause.

Buying Django, one of the best things he did,

Later freeing him, was an act overdid.


Taught Django to wield a gun, taught him a lot,

Together they hunted, many bounties they fought.

Schultz said, “Save the handbill of your first kill.”

And so Django did, as it was supposedly a lucky bill.


And it proved to be a lucky paper,

Using it was not that much simpler.

Schultz was dead, leaving them in a perilous state,

This bill was what Django used as a bait.


Freeing himself first, went to save his lady,

Their story, he saved from becoming a tragedy.

From a slave to a free man, he was given a chance,

Turning into a bounty hunter; Lady Luck really did dance.


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