“Hello. Mom?”

I hung up on her, over a small disagreement,

Closed my eyes, took a deep breath and thought of her statement.

I was being careless, she said,

Not eating enough and not sleeping enough, did she dread.

Sleep was the last thing on my mind,

And eating was the second to the last, did I find.

But how could I make her understand,

She didn’t even know, where did I stand.

Smoking and drinking, I wasted my nights,

Didn’t feel like arguing with her was anymore my rights.

She didn’t know what I was going through,

Still, she kept on clinging to me like a glue.

Can’t blame her for not understanding my mind,

All the love she had for me made her blind.

Despite being the not so good son,

She is the best thing to me God has ever done.

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