Fountain of Youth

Failure and another failure,

Just kept piling up like a mountain.

Walking along the beach, this warrior,

Remembered his journey to The Fountain.

Despite drinking its magical water,

And restoring his youth once more.

His body wasn’t the only thing to alter,

The most important consequence, he did ignore.

Time and tide stops for none,

Forget he did, in his arrogance.

Death took his loved ones, one by one,

And he couldn’t even take any vengeance.

Loneliness became his new shadow,

Followed him to the ends of his world.

The extra life he did borrow,

Stopped him from going to the netherworld.

Finally tired of his life solitude,

He commenced another journey.

Eagerly wanted his story to conclude,

And free himself from anymore agony.

Confident he was of finding a way someday,

To end his suffering of hundreds of years.

He still remembered that fateful day,

The Fountain of Youth brought him joyful tears.


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  1. yuhublogger says:

    What a lovely imagination.

  2. A striking theme..Well expressed! Man is so obsessed with immortality and youth (like the devas and asuras were) that he often forgets that a short, worthy life lived with joy,love, compassion and meaning is far more fulfilling than a long life that is hollow and devoid of love and meaning.

    1. Varun says:

      Well said, my friend. Point on.
      Thank you … 🙂

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