Goodbye 2016

I remember not much, the start of this year.

But I am sure, I’ll remember the end of it.

With such a depressing year, I never expected,

All I wanted to do, was quit.

Many had it worse than me,

Many had it better, I guess.

But my thinking only caused discomfort

And halted my progress.

Regardless of being a sucky year,

I must thank the 2016.

It taught me a lot of stuffs,

Acting like a teacher unseen.

Whom to trust and whom not to,

When to help and how to avoid.

Broken many times, I was, yet,

Learnt to strong the heart when toyed.

Yes, to be honest, this year did trouble,

To the extent, I wanted to stop.

But in the end, when thought about it a lot,

I was grateful for every teardrop.

Understand, I did, the reason behind the hardships,

Every struggle and everything thrown at my face.

It was all painful beyond what I could bear,

But in fact, was just another way of the God’s grace.

I am a different man from the previous year,

Realized it, was a little too late.

I’ll be a changed man again, the next year,

All I had to do now, was just celebrate.

Acceptance, dawned upon me slowly,

Of the equality of the nature of duality.

Along with the happiness, the tide of sorrow,

Played a vital role to influence my personality.

With a smile and a heavy heart, naturally,

I looked up, bowing down instead.

My arms stretched and with a humble heart,

Finally, cluster free was my head.

“Thank you 2016, may you rest in peace.”

Uttered softly, I was like a child.

“Come on 2017, what have you got huh!?”

I was ready to run wild.


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