Heart X Mind

One moment, talked too much,

Quiet for the rest of his time.

Jumped in ecstasy, watching the clouds,

Then, shut inside the house while it rained.

Hungry like a beggar, raided his fridge,

Didn’t feel like eating, after one bite.

Watched a movie, bored he was,

Left in between, ‘twas too noisy.

Went to a party to mingle,

Excused himself sooner, wanted to be alone.

Out for a walk, he planned,

Canceled it a second later, was tired.

Hit the sheets to sleep, he did,

Four in the dawn, still awake he was.

“Am I bipolar or just crazy?”, he asked,

“Tired of crossing sides like this.”

His heart said, “Bipolar.” 

The mind ridiculed, “Crazy you are.”

He was all, “Damn!!!”


Image source : imgur.com

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