Waiting for her text,

Scrolled through the old messages.

Her words, a knife like, wounded,

He had no bandages.


“Hey there.”, popped up on his screen,

Vibrating phone, jumped up to sit.

Replied with a, “Heyaaa” 

His spirit, a little bit lit.


“When are you coming home?”,

Eagerly he questioned.

“I am not.”, she sent back,

He was just stunned.


Hurriedly typed back, he did,

“But you said you never missed Christmas,

Always at home, you were.”

He assumed, her ignoramus.


“I know, I said that. But I am sorry.”,

She sent a line and then continued.

“I can’t make it ’cause of few things,

OK??”, touched by his solicitude.


“Hmm, guess this holiday,

A lonely one it’s gonna be.”

Said he, gutted and broken,

For her, he wasn’t going to see.


“Well, Merry Christmas, dear.”,

typed he, with no merry in his heart.

She too felt the pain,

From him being apart.


“Merry Christmas to you too.”,

She sent with teary eyes.

Putting their phone down now,

They both said their byes.

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  1. Aanchal says:

    Such a sad ending though beautifully portrayed!

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