Hope To Never Hope

From the early sunrise to the late sunset,

I hope to get through my day without being upset.

Waking in the morning has become such a burden,

I always feel like my good old days have been done.

To move every inch of my body out of the bed,

Have never felt heavier, like I was made of lead.

Just when I thought that the time was 8 am,

Rubbing my eyes harder showed me how late I am.

I thought the medicines were given to make me feel better,

But all it did was, my hope was taken from me forever.

My head was splitting and my mood was spinning,

All I could see was a dark figure grinning.

I wasn’t scared or petrified by him,

For I knew, that the dark figure was filled with hope to brim.

He hoped for me to never hope again,

And all I did was pray, to be relieved from this pain.

Image source : Personal.

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