I looked at Him and He looked at me. Staring right into each others’ eyes was infuriating me.

I wanted to stab him, gouge out his eyes, knock out his teeth. Just do the most violent thing that I could ever do to him. Probably kill him but I couldn’t. He was smirking at me like he had accomplished something. Like, it all went according to his plan from the beginning.

He grinned devilishly and I remembered how I had failed at this seminar I once had to do in the college.  A non-friend grinned at me at that time just like He grinned at me right now.

And yet I was looking at him, straight into his eyes, with clenched fists and gritted teeth. I mustered up the courage and said loudly, “I am better than you. I haven’t lost yet. Don’t you dare look at me that way.”

“I haven’t lost yet. Not yet. Not yet.”

He just stared at me with his dark cold unrelenting eyes filled with nothing but just pity and disgust. He nodded. An empty nod. Like you nod when you know something’s impossible to do and still you try to do it. He nodded emptily.

I stretched out my hand and so did he. Our fingers touched and I felt this urge to just grab him by his neck and choke him to death. In anger and frustration I did punch him.

And as the mirror shattered into many pieces, falling like a crystal snow, I could see him in every broken piece still smirking at me. Still grinning devilishly. Still nodding at me. And now,

I looked at Them and They looked at me. Staring right into each others’ eyes was infuriating me.

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