Lone Wolf

Wait patiently, he did; despite

Patience not being his strongest suit.

Tried his best to untangle the mystery,

To find out, if there was any dispute.

Confused he was, most of the time,

Unable to ascertain whether he was fooled.

Trust her, he did with all his life,

But now, his doubtful mind overruled.

His world interior, like a dry leaf it crumbled,

The peace within, slowly burnt away.

His mind and heart, with each other, at war,

None of them were ready to parlay.

With a new year and with a new resolution,

Decide to walk away, he did.

Life was not a fantasy but a harsh truth,

He understood he was not anymore a kid.

Some people enter life, to stay,

Others, to teach a lesson, then forsake.

He shouldn’t have changed for her,

That was his biggest mistake.

Howled and cried at the moon, this wolf,

All alone and broken and hurt.

Wounded and staggering from all his pain,

Was ready to dissolve into the moonlit dirt.


Image source : photoshdwallpapers.com

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  1. Love it Now says:

    sometimes two people, even if they connect, have totally different ideas about what can or what can’t, what’s acceptable and what’s not… and then two different realities crash and the only thing which comes out of it is chaos. Maybe you should try to put yourself in her shoes

  2. Varun says:

    haha…thank you for your comment my friend. But this is just a fantasy. Its a mixture of daily prompt word and an anime I watched recently. 🙂
    But yes, I will take your suggestion and write something from an another perspective.

  3. cmoas says:

    Nominating because I frequently come to read your work! it resonates! keep it up! https://cmoas.org/2017/01/24/versatile-blogger-award/

    1. Varun says:

      Thank you…I’m honored.

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