Lost Tempest



saw her

alongside the beach.

With her hair glistening in the

evening sun and water dripping from her

brows. She embraced the sea like a mermaid. Her fins

and tail was missing and yet she looked ready to dive deep into

the ocean; She looked at me and I stood there, transfixed by her gaze.

She smiled innocently. I can’t say I returned with the right gesture.

But for the record, I did wave my hand and said, “Hi.

She just kept smiling and then in a moment, was

lost in her own world. I knew better not to

go near a dangerous storm. For behind

her innocent smile rested a tempest

waiting to be unleashed; I did

bid my goodbye and

walked away



Image source : zastavki.com

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  1. Sangbad says:

    Wow beautiful imagery..

    1. Varun says:

      thank you.. 😀

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