Never Force Her


An argument, in the morning,

An accusation by him on her.

Denial, done beautifully, she

Reverse blamed him with stronger words.

Hurt and surprised, he questioned

His own self-doubted heart.

Was it the truth that she changed forever,

Or her old self still lingered in there somewhere?

He fought this battle for many times than he could remember,

Abandoning her or losing her was never an option.

She could not be replaced by anyone or anything,

That’s what made this fight worth fighting for.

But today, “I am sorry, she’s dead and not here anymore.”

was her reply with a calm, composed, confident manner.

Though he wanted to not believe anything,

He walked away quietly without putting up any fight.

His dreams were in fact nightmares,

All his trust was actually just blind faith.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath,

Could see all the happy times he had with her.

One single drop flowed from his right eye,

A calming relaxed smile brimmed on his cold face.

“Thank you for everything, my dear. I did my best

fighting for you. All the best for your future, mi amore.”

He kept walking, waited for none, uttered softly,

“Adios kiddo!”


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  1. yuhublogger says:

    This is fantastic Varun!!! Wonderfully described…

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