‘Twas happening again,

Was in a lot of pain.

Mother’s words felt like nagging,

Advice of my father kept dragging.


Cold and grey, seemed world to me,

Drowned, in despair called sea.

All interests faded,

Just boredom invaded.


Didn’t care about anything, one moment,

Was branded, too arrogant.

Sometimes, I cared too much,

Overreacted, I was called such.


Arrogance was the mask,

Under which, depression did bask.

Overreaction was just a blame,

Anxiety, it’s real name.


One devil on a shoulder,

Felt like carrying a boulder.

But with both of them aboard,

Was walking the Hell’s road.


Outer world didn’t understand, how,

These two devils, I always dealt, now.

Seemed like, ’twas a routine,

Always felt like waiting under a guillotine.


Closed my eyes, bowed my head,

“Let the blade fall, declare me dead.”

I screamed aloud,

But there was no crowd.


Saw myself, retreated into my inner world,

Both the devils, around me, they whirled.

Laid down, gazed at my world’s moon,

Was at peace in this unreal cocoon.



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  1. Loved it completely as I have gone through it and so can relate it well!I think everyone goes through it at some point of their lives.:)

    1. Varun says:

      Am glad you loved it. Thank you.
      And yes, going through that, IS difficult.

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