Let Ego Go

The day started with a senseless fight. Shouted at each other and later went quiet. She knew she was mad at him unnecessarily. For no valid reason, he was pissed off at her. Their egos clashed like the titans and didn’t budge at all. Until the night approached with its soothing moonlight and a sensuous breeze….

Never Force Her

An argument, in the morning, An accusation by him on her. Denial, done beautifully, she Reverse blamed him with stronger words. Hurt and surprised, he questioned His own self-doubted heart. Was it the truth that she changed forever, Or her old self still lingered in there somewhere? He fought this battle for many times than he could…


Words, lots of captivating words were said to him by her. Though agreed on many things, various subjects they did differ. She entered his heart like a  bright yellow morning sun. Lighting the deepest hidden caves inside him one by one. Trusting her confident promises he brought down his high and thick wall. Showed her his…

Fell Again

She sipped slowly Holding the cup with Both hands. Her nose had a Small circle of coffee At the tip. She looked up Towards me with her Usual smile. I fell for her All over Again Automatically. Automatic Image source : boombob.ru


It had been a rather unusual day, My heart behaved like it did never before. The agitation was more than I could imagine, I was completely shaken to the core. Everything was normal and as usual, As another non-eventful day began. But out of nowhere and with no warning, I felt like a completely defeated…


10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… … “Happy New Year. A very happy new year, babe.”, I hugged her and then looked into her eyes and kissed her softly, “And Happy Birthday to you, my precious love.” She was blushing and sweating. “Thank you, dear. Happy New Year to you too.”, she…

You Are Mine

Tears rolled down her eyes. Her heart tried to burst out of her chest. Stomach got sucked into a black hole. She almost felt like throwing up. Her mind went all blank when thought about her world without him. There was no more world for her. Just only devastation and chaos. Her hands and feet…

Successful Failure

After years of searching, I finally realized I was completely lost. After years of fighting, I finally laid down my weapon called hope. After years of waiting, I finally ran out of my patience. After years of running, I finally gave up and stopped. After years of involving, I finally didn’t care anymore for anything….

Little Stalker

Stop running and tumbling non-stop after me. I’m scared sometimes, you’d hurt your knee. Don’t stare at me while I’m eating my food. You’re still too young to eat; I feel I’m rude. Hey, you walking leaking faucet, stop peeing everywhere. Cleaning it all up is a big headache, I swear. Get off of my…

The War

“You need some exposure.” That’s what people always told him. Even though he knew deep in his heart that he didn’t need any, he listened to those words patiently. Always told to let his guard down a little. To see the world from another perspective. And mingle with the crowd and form his own wolf pack….