Art 1

So, this is something when I felt like scribbling and doodling. I still feel like it’s somewhat empty and something is missing in it. But still, it’s the first artwork I’m uploading on this blog. Hope you guys like it. Arigato !!!! heehee…. 😁😄😉


It’s been a long time but it still feels like I was gone just yesterday. Nevertheless, I have something to share with you guys. Something that I have loved for a long time. Something that is not just a work in a game but also a wonderful piece of writing. It’s simple and elegant. The…

Deathly Hallows

It was a very thrilling adventure, the one I could never forget. Meeting Death unexpectedly on that bridge; with my brothers, we magically net. It granted us, three brothers,  one single promised wish for each. It wanted to play a game  of its liking and a lesson to teach. My eldest brother asked for  a wand;…

Fare Thee Well

You didn’t burn because of the sun. You were thirsty for the fire. As you shunned and hated it more than anyone else, You envied and yearned for it more than anyone else. Rest in peace, my friend. Farewell, Dracula. Image source :

Fountain of Youth

Failure and another failure, Just kept piling up like a mountain. Walking along the beach, this warrior, Remembered his journey to The Fountain. Despite drinking its magical water, And restoring his youth once more. His body wasn’t the only thing to alter, The most important consequence, he did ignore. Time and tide stops for none,…