The Fall

As I leaned over the balcony,

all abandoned with no company,

my heart slumped deeper in agony,

my soul walking a goalless journey.


Dark clouds concealing the sky,

strong winds of the natural July.

Though the emanating petrichor did satisfy,

my mind was adamant to die.


With sweaty hands and cold feet,

I climbed over in a single heartbeat.

Knees together and ankles did meet,

I was straight and stiff like a military elite.


Gazing upon the horizon with the hopeless eyes,

my breathing pacified which was at a rise.

Spreading my arms like how an eagle flies,

took a deep breath which somehow felt nice.


Leaning a bit forward I plunged into the air,

for a second I floated, this I could swear.

Then reached the moment of the deadly affair,

dived into the abyss with not a single care.


It appeared like the time had slowed down,

the fall seemed longer than the usual countdown.

This felt more like I was about to drown,

But then, ’twas the tallest building in the town.


I closed my eyes to swim in my memory’s sea,

my entire past flashed before me.

With a content heart and no more plea,

I was ultimately absolutely free.


I hit the floor and felt no pain,

darkness seeped in and life began to drain.

With time still slowing down once again,

the diminished effect of the alcohol and cocaine.


One last breath in, one last breath out,

it was finally the blackout.

I heard lightly someone shout,

the voice grew louder without a doubt.


I was shaken completely to the core,

woke up with a jolt and stumbled to the floor.

My mom with a startled look stood before,

I wasn’t dreaming anymore.


P.S. Something I felt like writing ’cause of Chester Bennington. Ah, I will miss his voice. Rest in peace, man.

Image source: Portal CM7

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  1. The pain and anguish well expressed through your poem Varun. !

    1. Varun says:

      thank you my friend. 😌

  2. thinkinkadia says:

    You had me concerned and then relieved with the connection, surprise at the end. Nicely done!

    1. Varun says:

      hehe.. thank you.. 🤗

  3. A good comeback piece! Welcome back..

    1. Varun says:

      😅😅😅 ehhhh! really? sa-chan,
      hehe..arigato 🤗

  4. anne leueen says:

    There is much truth in the darkness of what you express as you stood on the edge. I was relieved when the ending came and it was just a dream.

    1. Varun says:

      yeah. Indeed there is.
      Thank you my friend.☺️

  5. Sumi Nath says:

    Good one 🙂 Dream like a reality..

    1. Varun says:

      hehe ,… thank you.. 😊😁

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