The War


“You need some exposure.”

That’s what people always told him. Even though he knew deep in his heart that he didn’t need any, he listened to those words patiently. Always told to let his guard down a little. To see the world from another perspective. And mingle with the crowd and form his own wolf pack. To swim out of his finite well into the infinite ocean. Not to stop at the plateau but to keep traveling beyond that into the mountains. To get out of his comfort zone and conquer the world.

“Conquer the world.”

These words kept ringing in his ears. Conquer the world huh? That sounded difficult but not impossible. That’s what he thought. He was suggested or counseled may be the right word, to open his heart. To love once again. Trust once again. Experience the vagaries of emotions. After all, that’s what made us a human. Experiencing feelings, good or bad, proved that we were alive.

— *** —

“It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Said he, looking into the mirror and seeing only a dark abyss in his eyes. A lone wolf he was, walking in the cold snowy night, without his pack. His back all punctured and his chest ripped apart, exposing his bleeding heart beating slowly. Drowning in the bottomless ocean, he couldn’t see any mountains or a plateau for that matter.

Conquering the world was obviously a difficult task but he forgot one thing. He had to conquer himself in the first place. And that in no way was an easy job. In fact, for him, it was nigh an impossible one. Each emotion was profusely bleeding out through his each and every wound. In no time, he was an empty shell devoid of any feelings.

With great compassion, his mind consoled his heart. With incredible imaginative prowess, his mind built an impregnable fort. A fort with various walls and secret chambers and inside one of it, he locked the heart, his foolish unreasonable emotional friend. “You will thank me for it, trust me.” said the logical mind. The heart was all silent as he couldn’t trust anyone anymore apart from his rational friend. The mind convinced his owner that he didn’t need his stupid heart anymore. That he would just keep getting hurt, unable to die if he kept listening to his heart. And the man was indeed convinced. The mind won the battle and won his person. The mind was the master now.

“Control your mind and never let it control you.”

A known fact by him but he surrendered nevertheless. Pain being the reason. The unbearable excruciating pain. Another person had fallen in the inevitable endless war that happens inside everybody. Unable to trust and love anymore, neither anybody else nor himself, this lone wolf was lost in the dark woods. Walking endlessly with open wounds, he searched for a place to rest.

A place to rest forever.


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  1. Deep thoughts! And imagination? WOW. (*thumbs up*)

  2. Splendid indeed! ‘He had to conquer himself in the first place.’ Very true… The strife between the logical mind and the emotional heart is beautifully described too!

    1. Varun says:

      Thank you yaar 🙂

  3. shewrites170 says:

    Tell that wolf to keep walking till he reaches oasis
    Don’t search for a place to rest
    Keep walking with your head held high
    Till the wolf comes across an oasis
    Good read indeed!!
    Have a great day ahead!!

    1. Varun says:

      hehe…nice one. thank you.. 🙂

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